Renovation Corner–August 18, 2013

Jan 13Most weeks meeting for worship down in the lower Memorial Hall seems like a major inconvenience. But it is an excellent opportunity to prepare ourselves for the flexibility the new space will afford us when the renovations are completed upstairs.

When we set up the temporary arrangement in the hall we deliberately chose a semi-circle, with the chairs gathered around the altar and lectern. This allows everyone to be closer to the front, but also closer to one another. It removes the great distance between priest and people that is found in more traditional arrangements. In fact, now the priest sits among the people and simply steps forward to the lectern or altar when it is time to do so.

This arrangement says a number of things about who we are as a faith community. First, it suggests that God is in our midst, rather than somewhere “up there” at the front. Second, it places all God’s people on the same level, as indeed we are. Third, it identifies the entire space—one could say, by extension, the whole world—as sacred and accessible to everyone, not just to a chosen few.

It may appear that we are simply putting in time while updating our worship space. In fact, we are updating the entire way we think about worship. Our temporary set-up downstairs allows us to explore this new understanding and prepare ourselves for taking it with us when we go back upstairs.

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