Midtown Mosaic Artist Profile: Minghang Li

Li03 Ming was born in China and came to Canada in 2000. He attended Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) to study the art of drawing the Nan Thibert. Later he attended the Doug Swinton studio where he had the opportunity to study with Nany-lynee Hughes, Doug Swinton, Jerry Markham and Chris Jordan.

His work is influenced by those he has worked with but also two American oil painters, Richard Schmind and Clyde Aspevig. His expressive style of his work has evolved between realism and impressionism.Li01

Ming’s creations are inspired by the great western Canadian culture and landscape. His paintings speak the beauty of nature, animal and human that he has lovingly and spiritually represented through his own experience and passion. His work adorns many private homes and companies across North America, and breathes life into any room they reside in.Li04

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