Bring a friend to church


Think about how you found St. Stephen’s. Was it a friend? An event? A family connection? Regardless of how you found St. Stephen’s, someone took the first step to make you aware. We’re continuing to grow in togetherness and in numbers.

How have you helped St. Stephen’s become more intentional as a community in the last week? In the last month? Have you spoken to someone new at coffee hour? Have you attended an event or gathering that’s not a Sunday service? Have you written an article for the newsletter? Sent us a photograph for Facebook? Have you forwarded our newsletter to a friend to invite them to an event? Shared an event or post on your Facebook wall? Have y

ou had coffee with a fellow parishioner?

OK, so those are all things that you can do and require some time and action and effort. What about things that don’t require effort? How do you talk about your experiences at St. Stephen’s around the lunchroom table? When people discuss controversial social issues, how do you respond, and how does your faith inform that response? Does the national church’s response to issues inform your own?

Evangelism comes from the Greek and literally means to share the good news. As this article suggests, sharing comes in many forms, and looks different depending on our relationship with the person we’re sharing with. Don’t feel like you have to “beat people over the head” with your faith—just live it and watch for opportunities to tell people about the place where you can Be Real. Belong. Believe It.

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