By God’s grace,

your generosity,

and a lot of help from friends in high places …


 We are proud, pleased … and relieved … to announce the launch of:



an ambitious renovation project that will make our church facilities

accessible, flexible and welcoming … for us and for the whole community …

now and for a generation to come.

+ + +

 Back in 2011 we asked for your support in a $1.1 million campaign to support a renovation project to give new life to our ageing buildings. That campaign met its target and we proceeded with our plans to build a ramp, an elevator, and accessible washrooms, to upgrade our electrical and mechanical services, and renovate the worship space to double as performance space.

We went to tender in February of this year and readjusted our budget once the bids came in. It appeared that the entire project might not be affordable. So we asked you to help us raise additional funds so we could ensure that the worship space would be included with the other renovations planned.

 Help us you did!

 Your donations and pledges raised almost $60,000! At the same time, the details of a recent bequest were confirmed, providing another $175,000 for the project. Then, at the last minute, a federal grant for $50,000, for which we had applied, came through (from the “Enabling Accessibility Fund”).

This is now enough for us to start work on the entire project, worship space included. We are deferring several procurements for the worship space pending the outcome of an application to the Provincial Government’s “Community Facility Enhancement Program”. Should we be successful in that application (we will know within a week or two), we will have the funds to complete all the work in the original plan. If not, the facility will still reflect our vision for the new space.


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